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Tree Care Incorporated offers complete plant health care management services. Our state licensed staff are skilled in state-of-the-art procedures and policies to provide safe, effective, and efficient plant health care.

Tree Maintenance & Health Care Programs

  • Tree/Ornamental Plant Spraying
  • Merit & Safari Basal or Soil Drenches

  • Fertilization Service (Traditional)
  • NEW: BIO-BLEND Fertilization Service

  • Non-Bear Spray Applications for:

    • Liquid Ambar Trees
    • Purple-Leaf Plum Trees
    • Olive Trees
    • Strawberry Trees
  • Fungus Control Applications

  • Dormant Applications

Tree/Ornamental Plant Spraying:

There are a variety of spray programs that control disease and pests, such as anthracnose fungus on ash and plane trees; fruit tree leafroller and webworm in oak and other species; elm leaf beetle in elm trees an aphid, mites, and scale in a variety of other species. A dormant spray program for fruit trees and a non-bear spray program for olive trees and “sticker balls” in liquidambars are also available.

Merit & Safari Basal or Soil Drenches:

We offer a Merit and Safari soil drench for the control of various sucking and chewing insects such as aphids, elm leaf beetle, white flies, scale, etc.. Merit and Safari Treatments are systemic insecticides that are injected/soil drenched during the winter months. This treatment is taken up through the feeder roots and in the spring moves through the tree to the twigs and leaves protecting it from infestation aphids, elm leaf beetles, thrips, and scale applied to the soil around the base of the plant. This is a great alternative to using the foliar spray method because this product will prevent us from having to use multiple applications and by using this method we no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of the weather. It can be used on Elm, Ash, Hackberry, White Birch, Crape Myrtles, Locust, Maples, Oaks and many more.

Important Note: During drought periods or if the plant is not regularly irrigated during the summer months it is critical that additional water is provided around the base of the treated plants. This will ensure our product is kept water soluble and available for up take by the root system.

FERTILIZATION (Traditional):

This service uses a sub-surface or soil drench method in which fertilizer solutions are hydraulically pumped into the plant’s root zone or soaked into the soil down into the root zone. The nutrient formulations are specific to the what the tree needs and/or the time of year the application is applied. This application is to help trees and/or shrubs stay healthy by increasing foliage vigor and/or root growth.

NOTE: An annual fertilization is highly recommended for Ash and Sycamore trees, as it aids the trees to fight the effects of Anthracnose fungus; Premature Leaf Drop.


Tree Care Incorporated has formulated its Bio-Blend Fertilization application to mimic nature’s most beneficial and healing processes. Every ingredient is of the highest quality and was selected for its complementary and synergetic treatment benefits. Because our formula includes over 43 nutrients including 8 micro-nutrients and multiple soil supplements, which improves stress & drought tolerances, improves water absorption, and enhances color, this service is highly recommended.


We offer a growth regulator spray controlling Seed pods on LIQUIDAMBAR trees, and fruit on PURPLE LEAF PLUM, STRAWBERRY, and OLIVE trees. This is a one or two application that is done when the tree is in bloom.

*Due to the factors below, we cannot guarantee 100 % control, generally we can get 50-75% reduction:

There are many factors that influence the effectiveness of these applications, like:

  • Growth rates of individual trees
  • Flower bloom set
  • The duration of flower bloom

Additionally, due to environmental conditions surrounding the tree(s), small sections of the tree may come into bloom before or after most of the tree is ready. With each of these applications we have a VERY small window of time to get the trees sprayed. The weather, specifically wind and/or rain, is a very critical factor on whether this service can be properly achieved.


It is important that trees being treated for Non-Bear NOT to be under stress from drought, insects, disease, or other environmental stress conditions. Treating stressed trees may cause temporary injury to the tree such as defoliation, leaf yellowing, leaf scorching or sapping. While unlikely, extreme negative reactions such as branch tip die back, or death of the tree may occur.


We offer fungicide sprays for the control of Anthracnose Fungus and Powdery Mildew, which causes pre-mature leaf drop primarily on Ash, Sycamore, London Plane and Oak trees. There are (3) applications with the first starting in March. With this spray program we highly recommend a FERTILIZATION to help keep the trees healthy and increase vigor.


This is a three-application service for fruit & misc. trees, which will protect them from over-wintering insect eggs, and controls most fungi diseases, such as leaf curl. We also have other spray services for the control of Aphids, Elm Leaf Beetle, Thrip, Mites, and Borers that can attack your tree.

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