Tree Pruning

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Keep Your Trees Healthy For Years To Come

Professional Tree Pruning

We encourage Northern California residents to prune their trees yearly to keep trees healthy for years to come.

Tree Pruning in Sacramento & Roseville, California

Tree pruning is our specialty. Effective pruning can remove diseases, fungi, and other types of decay, preventing it from spreading to healthier branches. Removing damaged branches exposes the others to more sunlight and air circulation, which further helps reduce the risk of disease and decay.

Tree pruning is useful for shade trees and encourages fruit production in fruit trees.

From large-scale pruning and shaping to smaller tree trimming jobs, our tree pruning crews are professionally trained to effectively prune your trees and help new growth flourish.

Under the supervision of our Certified Arborists, our tree crews can provide proper pruning for any size of shade trees, fruit trees, and even evergreen trees. We follow ANSI A300 Standards and ANSI Z133.1 Industry Safety Standards on all tree work.

Everything You Need To Know About Pruning Trees In California

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