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General Tree Work

Pruning improves the health, safety, and appearance of your trees. If a tree does need to be removed, however, our removal services and stump grinding allow for replanting or reseeding.

Tree Pruning

This is one of TCI’s specialty services. From large-scale pruning and shaping to smaller tree trimming jobs, our tree pruning personnel are professionally trained in the most up-to-date pruning methods. Under the supervision of our Certified Arborists, our tree crews can provide proper pruning for any type and/or size of the tree(s). All tree work is completed according to ANSI A300 Standards and ANSI Z133.1 Industry Safety Standards.

Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Unfortunately, there are occasions when TCI finds it necessary to recommend the removal of a tree or trees. TCI’s skilled crews can safely remove these trees and stumps to allow for replanting of an appropriate tree or trees.

Our tree care professionals provide stump grinding, tree cutting, and tree removal services to the Sacramento area.

Tree Planting & Regeneration

TCI also obtains and installs a variety of ornamental trees for a commercial or residential setting. These trees are selected from a number or nurseries with whom we have established a long-standing relationship. In addition, TCI is skilled in an innovative concept of Native Oak Forest Regeneration. Utilizing this concept, TCI can assist with the reestablishment of native oaks and other species to a given site. Installation and maintenance of tree protective fencing for development and construction projects are also offered by TCI.

This service is available when tree roots start causing concrete or other structures to crack and/or lift.

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