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Bio-Blend: A Nutrition Solution Inspired By Nature

It’s much more than just fertilizer! Healthy trees begin with healthy soil.



Nature has gone through a long process of trial and error to refine the living organisms, processes and materials on earth. After studying these natural processes, Tree Care Incorporated has formulated its Bio-Blend service to mimic nature’s most beneficial and healing processes. Every ingredient is of the highest quality and has been selected for their complementary and synergetic treatment benefits.

Key Benefits

  • Enhances color and appearance
  • Improves stress tolerance
  • Increases carbohydrate storage
  • Improves winter hardiness
  • Revitalizes soil structure
  • Improves water absorption
  • Increases root growth
  • Improves nutrient uptake.
  • Low salt index and no chlorides.
  • Low additional cost compared to just fertilizing.
  • Supports the living portion of the soil.
  • Includes over 43 nutrients, including 8 micronutrients and multiple soil supplements


Meeting the highest demands requires consistent quality, the purest raw materials, and advance formulation technology. The fertilizers we use achieve superior efficacy due to a proprietary slow release Nitrogen which will not leach from the soil. It also contains added sugars, iron and vital enzymes to improve stress tolerance, winter hardiness and increased carbohydrate storage. No other fertilizer brand can match its low salt index and environmental benefits, such as no chlorides.


Today’s technology provides more organic solutions than ever before. Bio-organics refers to organic materials that are carbon based and available on either a renewable or recurring basis. Intensely carbon-rich, Bio-Blend contains multiple bio-stimulants which revitalizes soil structure and texture by replenishing a soil’s organic matter. This reduces compaction, improves water absorption, and increases the ability of the soil to retain other consequential nutrients in an available form. Bio-Blend will benefit tired, overworked oils by providing a sustainable approach to overall plant healthcare, while improving soils quality, and reducing salts in soils and plant stress.

Beneficial soil microorganisms need organic matter as a food source to survive and increase in population. Bio-Blend’s high carbon content slowly decomposes, restores, and refines organic matter back into the soil. This soil replenishment is especially valuable in weak soils, which as commonly found in urban settings.


Trees need more than just the macronutrients found in synthetic N-P-K fertilizers to stay in superior health. Micronutrients are critical and are often neglected in maintaining plants in good health. Bio-Blends vast array of high quality ingredients provide more than 43 nutrients, including 8 micronutrients, and soil supplements that are formulated to feed plants, supply a food source for beneficial microbes, and refine the condition of the soil. All micronutrients are provided in 100% chelated form, for fast absorption and deficiency correction.

Disease Prevention

Bio-Blend provides an all-natural approach to control a broad range of fungal and bacterial diseases. It produces a broad-spectrum antibiotic that disrupts the cell-wall of pathogens, and it triggers an advantageous Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) in plants, whereby a plant’s natural immune system is activated to fight plant diseases. Bio-Blends fast-colonizing beneficial bacteria stimulate root growth and vigor while crowding out plant pathogens and its predaceous microbes seek and destroy damaging bacteria and fungi commonly found in soils. Once established in the soil, these beneficial bacteria provide the added benefits of improved nutrient uptake, stronger roots, and better soil quality.

Our Customers Love Bio-Blend

Some kind words from our amazing customers

“Could not be happier!”

“Our trees have never looked so good. It is also very comforting to know that Bio-Blend is safe for the environment. We could not be happier.”


“Proved me wrong!”

“I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but I decided to go ahead and give Bio-Blend a try. WOW. What a difference it has made in my landscaping. Keep up the good work Tree Care.



“WOW! The Bio-Blend service is fantastic. If you want to get the most our of your landscaping, then this service is for you. You should really give it a try.”


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