California Climate

Surprisingly, there are desert climates in the golden state of California. Most people think of beaches and mountains when they think of California, but did you know that California is home to some beautiful desert landscapes? The Mojave Desert, Death Valley, and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park are just a few places where you can explore this unique environment.

Many resilient trees have adapted to the challenging conditions of these extreme deserts. Most deserts experience little rainfall and high temperatures; however, certain species have evolved ways to survive in this type of climate. Some of the most common resilient desert trees found in California’s deserts include Joshua Trees, Creosote Bush, Giant Sequoia Trees, White Fir Trees, and Palm Springs Fan Palms.

If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to appreciate the beauty of California’s desert environments, consider planting one of these species that prosper throughout the state. These resilient trees have adapted so well to this challenging environment.

When it comes to selecting the best trees for your desert climate, Tree Care Incorporated is here with some expert advice. The most resilient desert trees include cacti and succulents, such as aloe vera, agave, and yucca; flowering shrubs, such as oleander and lantana; evergreen trees, like mesquite and Palo Verde; deciduous trees, such as the acacia tree; and fruit-bearing trees, like date palms. Tree Care Incorporated also provides tips on how to care for these types of plants in a desert environment.

Tree Care Tips:

  • Water regularly, but not too much – allow the soil to dry out between watering sessions or opt for drought-tolerant varieties
  • Prune dead branches from time to time
  • Fertilize your trees with a low-nitrogen fertilizer twice per year
  • Mulch around the base of the tree to keep the roots cool

Whether you’re looking for evergreen trees, flowering shrubs, or fruit-bearing plants, Tree Care Incorporated has the best insights and advice on how to care for them in a desert climate. For more information about trees and how to care for them in a desert climate, contact Tree Care Incorporated today!

Our experienced team of professionals is here to offer you the best advice. Let us help take better care of your plants. Tree Care Incorporated offers complete plant health care management services. Our state-licensed staff is skilled in state-of-the-art procedures and policies to provide safe, effective, and efficient plant health care.

Tree Maintenance Services

  • Tree/Ornamental Plant Spraying
  • Merit & Safari Basal or Soil Drenches
  • Fertilization Service (Traditional)
  • NEW: BIO-BLEND Fertilization Service
  • Non-Bear Spray Applications for:
  • LiquidAmbar Trees
  • Purple-Leaf Plum Trees
  • Olive Trees
  • Strawberry Trees
  • Fungus Control Applications
  • Dormant Applications

Tree Care Incorporated

With our tips and advice, Tree Care Incorporated can help you create a thriving desert oasis with the most resilient trees around. Visit us online or give us a call today to get started on your own desert paradise! We can assist you in selecting the most resilient varieties of trees and shrubs and give you tips on proper watering and fertilization regiments to keep them healthy. Contact us now for more information.