We have all heard the debate between deciduous and coniferous trees. Here at Tree Care Inc., we don’t discriminate! No matter which type of tree grows in your yard, we are prepared to maintain your landscape with our professional arborists. We have broken down the pros and cons of deciduous trees so that you can understand what you’re planting.

Deciduous Defined

The term “deciduous” officially refers to trees that lose their foliage each autumn and grow new leaves the following spring. Botanists label trees, shrubs, and perennials as deciduous if they shed their leaves for part of the year. Deciduous trees provide shade and block heat from the sun during hotter months, and by dropping their leaves in the fall, they admit sunlight in the colder months, making them the perfect addition to your NorCal property during any season of the year! Here are some examples of deciduous tree types:

  • Big leaf maple
  • Black maple
  • California buckeye
  • White alder
  • Desert willow
  • California black walnut
  • Western Sycamore
  • Fremont cottonwood

Outside our state of California and the rest of North America, deciduous forests exist in middle-latitude regions with temperate climates, characterized by a winter season and year-round precipitation. Native regions include both European and Asian countries. Additionally, the deciduous forest extends into more arid regions, ranging from the banks of streams to surrounding bodies of water.

At Tree Care Inc, we encourage Sacramento residents to prune their trees annually to keep trees healthy for years to come. Follow our guide to basic maintenance pruning!

How to Maintain My Deciduous Trees:

  • Smaller twigs should be cut ¼ of an inch above a bud and slanted away from it.
  • Short stubs left will never heal properly and encourage disease and insect infestations.
  • Smaller branches should be cut flush with the parent branch.

Winter Tree Care Tips

  • Schedule a cleanup for dead, diseased, and cluttered branches.
  • Never cut a branch flush to its trunk.
  • Prune above the branch bark ridge and branch collar.
  • Use the right pruning tools for the job.

At Tree Care Incorporated, we offer professional tree pruning services throughout Northern California in the Sacramento, Roseville, and surrounding areas, so that you don’t have to worry about the details! We have top-notch equipment and make tree pruning our specialty. From large-scale pruning and shaping to smaller tree trimming jobs, our tree pruning crews are professionally trained to effectively remove dying branches and help new growth flourish.

Professional Pruning

Not only does professional pruning maintain the appearance of your deciduous trees, but it also benefits their health. In fact, effective pruning can remove diseases, fungi, and other types of decay, preventing it from spreading to healthier branches. Removing damaged branches allows the surviving branches to better access sunlight and air circulation, which further reduces the risk of disease and decay.

Tree pruning is useful for shade trees and encourages fruit production in fruit trees. Under the supervision of our Certified Arborists, our tree crews provide proper pruning for any size of shade trees, fruit trees, and even evergreen trees. We follow ANSI A300 Standards and ANSI Z133.1 Industry Safety Standards on all tree work.

Contact us for deciduous tree pruning services throughout the Sacramento and Roseville areas.