As we approach Earth Day, the spotlight on environmental health and sustainability grows brighter. In Sacramento and Roseville, CA, Tree Care Incorporated advocates for and implements practices that ensure the health and vitality of plants and trees in our communities. Keep reading to find out why we celebrate Earth Day and how Tree Care Inc. contributes year-round!


Why Plant Health Matters

The Foundation of Ecosystem Health

Plants form the cornerstone of ecosystems, recycling nutrients and fostering biodiversity. They are crucial for the balance that sustains diverse life forms, including humans. By maintaining plant health, we preserve the intricate web of life that supports the planet’s biological diversity and ecological resilience.

A Commitment to Future Generations

Preserving plant health is a moral imperative, ensuring that future generations inherit a thriving, biodiverse world. Teaching the importance of environmental stewardship empowers young people to value and protect our natural heritage, fostering a legacy of sustainability and care for our planet.


Why Trees Matter

The Oxygen Providers

Trees are the earth’s lungs, purifying the air we breathe by absorbing pollutants and exhaling clean oxygen. This Earth Day, we underscore the importance of each tree in contributing to our collective respiratory health.

The Carbon Fighters

Trees stand as our allies in the fight against climate change, functioning as natural carbon sinks. They absorb carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, storing carbon in their wood and releasing oxygen back into the air. By planting and nurturing trees, we harness their ability to sequester carbon, making a direct impact on reducing the global carbon footprint.


Comprehensive Services by Tree Care Inc.

Plant and Tree Services

Tree Care Inc. offers complete plant health care management services. Our state licensed staff are skilled in state-of-the-art procedures and policies to provide safe, effective, and efficient plant health care. Tree Care Inc. offers tree/ornamental plant spraying, Merit & Safari soil drenches, Bio-Blend fertilization service, fungus control applications, and more!

Arborist Assessment

Annually, it’s crucial to assess your trees for signs of disease, damage from weather, or potential safety hazards. Regular maintenance not only keeps your trees vibrant and healthy but also protects your property and community. Tree Care Incorporated is proud to offer specialized arborist assessment and report services, providing detailed evaluations of tree health, potential hazards, and recommendations for care.


Unite With Tree Care Inc. This Earth Day

As Earth Day approaches, let’s commit to the health of our plants and trees. Their vitality is not just for the ecosystem’s sake but for our future generations as well. Join hands with Tree Care Inc. and pledge to nurture our environment, ensuring a legacy of sustainability and stewardship. Together, we can cultivate a greener, healthier world. Contact Tree Care today and find out how best to nurture your trees!