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I was very pleased with the service from beginning to end. I will be scheduling regular business with Tree Care Incorporated.

Jen H.- Granite Bay

Great Company! Thank you.

Ben H.- Sacramento

Excellent work! More will happen very soon.

Carol E.- Sacramento

I would not choose to use any other tree care service.

Helen R.- Carmichael

Excellant job!

Vicki N.- Sacramento

Tree/Ornamental Plant Spraying

There are a variety of spray programs that control disease and pests, such as anthracnose fungus on ash and plane trees; fruit tree leafroller and webworm in oak and other species; elm leaf beetle in elm trees an aphid, mites, and scale in a variety of other species. A dormant spray program for fruit trees and a non-bear spray program for olive trees and "sticker balls" in liquidambars are also available.
Merit Soil Treatment

This is a systemic insecticide that is injected/soil drenched during the winter months. It is taken up through the feeder roots and in the spring moves through the tree to the twigs and leaves protecting it from infestation aphids, elm leaf beetles, thrips, and scale. This product will prevent us from having to use multiple applications and by using this method we no longer have to deal with the inconvenience of the weather.
Deep Root Fertilization/Soil Aeration

This program is a method in which fertilizer solutions are hydraulically pumped into a plant's root zone at high pressure. By utilizing this method, nutrients are delivered directly to the plant's roots; this also causes the soil to fracture and loosen increasing oxygen to the root zone.
Tree Care Incorporated offers complete plant health care management services. Our state licensed staff are skilled in state-of-the-art procedures and policies to provide safe, effective, and efficient plant health care.